Vittoria Bomboloni Fat Bike 26x4,0

Vittoria Bomboloni Fat Bike 26x4,0

Snow-tire technology from the automotive industry is now brought to bicycles. With its square-step ramps and share squared edge it cuts for grip in compressed surfaces without losing its fast rolling ability. Alternating sipe angles provide tactile grip on slippery surfaces, such as rocks, roots, and pavement.

Fast rolling alternating center thread
Automotive inspired snow-tire tech
Premium 120 TPI casing
Dual-Compound tread


Plus Bikes

I’ve now ridden the tires across a broad range of trail types and conditions and I continued to be impressed. Very Impressed.
These tires are fast! Rolling resistance is low due to the lowish center tread profile and with well-placed, taller side knobs, cornering is confidence inspiring.
The Bomboloni works well in a variety of conditions. They’re a fast rolling tire that corners well, has durable sidewalls, and easy tubeless set up.
I give them the ultimate 5 Gnome rating.

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  • Vörunúmer: SHNO1Z13BA3296111TG
  • 19.900kr
  • Án VSK: 16.048kr
  • Verð í sportpunktum: 19900