Kross Evado 3.0

Kross Evado 3.0



The aluminum performance 6061 alloy means that the frame is highly stiff and resistant to breakages, while retaining the light mass typical for aluminum.


Guarantee large brake force and good modulation of it even in the most severe weather conditions, they also last for much longer than traditional brakes.


Painting by placing electrified powder paint molecules onto aluminum, which requires heat treatment. After sintering the varnish surface creates a perfectly smooth coat which is very resistant to mechanical damage.


We created a system of exchangeable dropouts in order to protect our frames as much as possible. In case of damage they can be easily and quickly exchanged. Screws or a special nut are used for the dropout in order to minimize frame damage.

Tæknilegar upplýsingar
Cog set Shimano Altus CS-HG31-8; 11-32T
Crank SR Suntour XCC 48/38/28T
Gaffall SR Suntour NEX HLO (travel 63mm)
Gírskiptar Shimano Tourney ST-TX800-L 8-speed
Keðja YBN S8
Stell Aluminium Performance

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  • Vörunúmer: KRO1628EVA3WHIL
  • 98.900kr
  • Án VSK: 79.758kr
  • Verð í sportpunktum: 98900

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