Dýna Yoga Tree Mat ( natural rubber )

Dýna Yoga Tree Mat ( natural rubber )
The Tree Mat of Natural Rubber (made from the rubber tree) is an ecologically sound yoga mat. It has the best grip of all our mats, which combined with good shock absorption and abrasion resistance makes this the best mat available.

Tested by SGS Laboratories as free of Heavy Metals & AZO dyes 183cm x 60cm x 4mm. Weighs 2000g

Washable - air dry avoiding sunlight

Different coloured top and bottom: Green/Black

_Please note:_As the colour of natural rubber varies considerably from batch to batch, this affects the finished colour of the mat also, so colours may be lighter or darker from those shown.

This product is made from natural rubber which has the same origin as latex and though very different in properties, if you have a latex allergy it would be wise to choose a different mat.

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